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Aikido has its origins in the centuries old traditions of the Japanese martial arts. It is a form of budo (martial ways of self-refinement) a way of life that seeks to polish the self through a blend of rigorous physical training and spiritual discipline. There is no attack in Aikido. It is an art of self-defense against an unprovoked attack.

The techniques of Aikido - avoidance, control, neutralization - are characterized by a relaxed body, calm mind, integrated breath, and extension of natural energies. Movements are flowing and graceful. The inner strength and beauty of the art comes from unity of mind, body and spirit, a state that enables the Aikidoist to blend with the power of an opponent's attack and return it to the source. Teaching methods are varied, and in addition to systematic training in non-violent self-defense techniques they include meditation, breathing, centering, and other supportive exercises.

Typically, classes are conducted whereby an instructor demonstrates techniques followed by student partner practice. Traditional training uniforms (keikodi) are worn during class which will be available for purchase.

Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art that utilizes the principle of unifying the mind, body, and spirit. A non competitive art, Aikido instills discipline and values to all age groups.

Aikido incorporates joint-locks and throws applied in self-defense. Falls are required in some form or another. Weapons practice is an integral part of Aikido training. Primarily, the wooden duropol (Bokken). Wooden staff (Jyo) is used in place of the real items for safety.

This Japanese martial art teaches kids self-discipline, self-confidence, and how to get along with others in an atmosphere of fun and respect for all. Ki and Aikido training are combined to teach you to utilize your full potential.

By applying the Ki principles, it improves your performance in all of your activities. More importantly, you’ll gain the intangible benefits of having a positive attitude, respect, always doing one’s best, being able to calm one’s mind, concentration, and self-discipline.



Appoline Couprie Sensei
Sandan, Certified Instructor (fukishidoin)
United States Aikido Federation – Western Region

Couprie Sensei: Fukushidoin Demonstration 2010

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