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Lesbian toy's?What are different types,characterstic and uses of lesbian sex toys

Lesbian toy's characteristic

Lesbian toy's characteristic

Lesbian sex toy are special designed for the lesbian couples, the women homosexual couples. If you are lesbian and thinking to purchase a lesbian toys for the interesting sexual life. There are some characteristics you should consider while purchasing.

Lesbian Toys should be waterproof, because women leads to natural lubrication and as well waterproof sex toy can be used in shower or bath.

Lesbian toys should not be rigid textures. Sometime to rigid body of sex toys injury your vagina internally and that not good for your health.

Lesbian Toys should be USC rechargeable. It is easy to handle and make your sexual intercourse easy whenever you want.

Lot of options are available in market for the lesbian according to the material. Buy your suitable and comfortable material sex toy from rubber, silicone, etc.

Lesbian toy's category

Lesbian toy's category

There are various option available of lesbian couples like lesbian toys similar like male toy, couple toy, gay toy.

The harness:

The harness is allow one lesbian to act as a men and can penetrate the another woman. The harness is wear around the waist with an attached dildos. Now, lesbian can enjoy the bedtime like a heterosexual partners. Harness is available in many material, leather or fabric. It is also free to attach with any of dildos. You can find your desire dildo to attach with the harness.

The Dildos or Vibrators:

The regular dildo or vibrators is the only thing for lesbian that allow penetration. They will enjoy their sexual life and fulfill tier sexual need, with a suitable dildo or vibrators. Dildo gives a realistic real of penis and vibrators gives level of vibrators for more sexual excitement.

Anal Toys:

If lesbian want to enjoy the anus penetration, then what?. So anal toys are the option. Lesbian also love anal play. Lesbian can use anal toys to penetrate each other of anus penetration.

Double ended Dildos:

Double ended dildos are specially for the lesbian, so both partner can enjoy the penetration at the same time. Basically, double ended dildo is a dildos that allow penetration from the both end. It is to double in size as compare to the regular dildos.

Using lesbian toy

Using lesbian toy

Lesbian sex toys are used for masturbation like a female toy, but it just tend to avoid the subject of gender and men. After all, a dildo or vibrators just gives the same feeling and pleasure to the lesbian and straight women. So the way to using the same sex toys is also same.

After start penetration with any of lesbian sex toys, you should read all the instruction mention on the packages and properly aware of how to use. Relax yourself and your partner, if she is there. Get a comfortable position. It is ideal to use a lubricant with any of penetrating toy. Apply some drop of your suitable lubricant on the lesbian toy as well as on your penetrating area, vagina or anus. remember do not use silicone based lubricant, if you find that your sex toys is made by silicone material. Start insertion, first insert the tip of toy only. you can gradually increase the level of insertion according to your body's sexual needs.

Wash lesbian sex toys every time, before or after the sexual intercourse.